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About the Company

Philippos Hellenic Goods location

The company was established in 2012 in Aegina, a small quaint charming island of the Saronic Gulf. It is conveniently located only 45 minutes from the port of Piraeus and has all the characteristics of a traditional scenic Greek island, chosen over the centuries by philosophers and artists for its light and ambience. Here we see the ancient temples of Apollo, Athena-Aphea, Zeus, the prized sites of this island.
Taking this into consideration, we paid special attention to construct our buildings aesthetically compatible to nature to fully integrate with the island colours and not being discernible from the sea and landscape.

Step by step quality assurance

The Extra virgin olive oil production process uses top quality standard technology, in order to obtain the highest quality oil. Thus, our lab is equipped with state of the art machinery, precision scales, electronic computerized oil analysis, to mention a few, that ensure handling of goods with the outmost respect required for delivering perfection directly to the consumer.

PHILIPPOS EXTRA VIRGIN Olive Oil is selected from the finest olive grove regions of Hellas, specifically Peloponnese and Crete because the climate conditions are optimal and the soil most fertile to cultivate the perfect olive tree. Every year, Philippe Poli and his team are functioning on the strong basis of agricultural partnership. We are the ideal link between the farmer and the olive oil consumer. We apply our skills and professional structure to ensure the final product is delivered in top condition, with its nutritional properties and taste absolutely intact directly to our customers.

Therefore we carefully evaluate the climate conditions, the method and practices of cultivation and the extraction of the extra virgin olive oil. We store it in inox tanks and keep it at a stable temperature with absolutely no oxygen contact thus, insuring the best conservation conditions and securing the maintenance of all natural nutrients. At this time, before the oil is bottled, we arrange for frequent organoleptic and chemical analyses to provide our customers assurance. This professional method insures that what we have selected, most adequately suits the very defined specifications of taste and quality of the PHILIPPOS Extra Virgin Olive Oils .
Our production line, functions on automatic bottling and artisan packing, done manually under personal supervision.
At the end, but not least of all, each and every one of us, is dedicated on a day-to-day basis, to offer you an excellent range of quality extra virgin olive oil.