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Our commitment to the environment

Climate change and environmental protection have become the real emergency of our time. In the food sector, the process that brings food from the land to the table must follow rules to ensure the preservation of physiological-nutritional characteristics. This is how the benefit for health and maintenance of quality over time is provided.

Food affects the climate

The production and distribution of food, even when it comes to absolutely natural products, have an impact on the environment. Transport, infrastructure to preserve freshness, packaging for delivery, are a big burden for the environment. Foods such as extra virgin olive oil are now part of healthy diets and make an important contribution to the health even for people living in countries where they cannot be produced. Moreover, being plant-based, they have a much lower ecological impact than similar products of animal origin, such as butter.

Our values into practice

For a company that cares about the future, this is a great challenge.
Sustainable development is one of the values to which we are very much committed. This led us to focus on the refill concept right from the start in 2012: the Philippos Premium bottles were designed to be refilled with Philippos Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a tin or the practical Bag-in-box. The same high-quality oil with a lower ecological impact.

Faithful to that principal, we have always sought more sustainable solutions for product packaging, transport, production and all administrative process. In the same spirit, we are expanding our product range.
And we intend to further develop the company according to these values with consistency and determination even in a country where practices in this area are still difficult to implement.

Given, this is not simple

Alternative innovative solutions cost money. EVOO and agricultural products market is very competitive, and prices determine the success of a product. So many companies follow the logic of low price at the expense of other fundamental aspects.
We base our idea of success on quality and sustainability; those who buy our products know it. For our customers, as for us, quality and sustainability matter. It's most complicated, but it’s our conviction. Our commitment is to offer products that meet quality and sustainability at an affordable price and this is a daily commitment.

Even if there is still a long way to go, we've already taken great strides, and what counts the most: we have no intention of stopping!