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Aegina Pistachios

Aegina produces a variety of pistachios called Aiginis or Koilarati, meaning round.

The pistachio is part of the identity of Egina, as the landscape that slopes down from the hill to the sea, covered by small trees with thick, round leaves that protect the pistachio fruit, ripening all summer. The pistachio tree, the species Pistacia Vera, originates in the Middle East. Its cultivation and the progressive importance to the economy of Aegina has it roots since 1860. The terrain features and favorable climate have helped to develop the variety of Aegina Pistachio with designation of origin since 1994. The intense, savory taste of this fruit is considered by gourmets among the best in the world.

The pistachio is renowned throughout the world and mainly consumed as an aperitif but it also has its place in the kitchen where it is the star ingredient of original recipes, satisfying both your sight and palate.
In recent years, research has found that the pistachio has very important nutritional qualities: 25 grams of pistachios cover 10 percent of your daily requirement of vitamin B, minerals, thiamine, magnesium, phosphorus, copper and fiber. These characteristics make it a tasty snack that provides important nutrients to your daily food balance since the presence of fatty acids, in addition to intervening positively in lipid metabolism and lowering cholesterol (DHL), help to give a sense of prolonged satiety.
The Aegina pistachio is a commonly used food for the local population and is much sought after by tourists, especially Greeks who know the quality and hardly ever leave the island without buying a package. Part of the production supplies shops and bars of Athens. A small part is exported and if you are lucky you can find them in gourmet stores of some large cities.