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Does beatiful mean that it is also good?

August 10th at 12:00am

Certainly not! So why give value to aesthetics when it comes to a product? The answer seems simple: because nowadays appearance counts more and more. But it is not like that, or at least not so for PHILIPPOS HELLENIC GOODS. What we look at tells us about what the object is. About its essence. It is the same notion that motivates PHILIPPOS HELLENIC GOODS when it comes to introducing a product.

Communicating value

When Philippe Poli, decided to found PHILIPPOS HELLENIC GOODS he had a few things very clear in his mind:
  • introduce abroad products of the Greek land and demonstrate the ability of this country to offer authenticity, traditional and natural production methods, from the rich soil in the best climate in Europe,
  • find an effective way to communicate to the consumer, even before tasting it, how great is the value of the product and the great attention paid to its preparation.

Offering innovation

The innovation in the food industry today is a high concern for many consumers who find on the shelves industrially processed food that contains additives and preservatives and increasingly more genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This is not the kind of innovation that we thought of at PHILIPPOS HELLENIC GOODS when we decided to introduce organic products or products obtained by conventional methods with respect to health and the environment. What we had in mind was you, the customer and your convenience:
  • would you like to bring to your table a precious Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a bottle that will accentuate its qualities?
  • would you like to be able to refill the bottle with the Philippos Extra Virgin Oil in an easy, convenient way?
  • when invited to dinner would you like to please and surprise your friends with such an original and healthy gift?

The PHILIPPOS Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as well as our other products, relate precisely to the consumers who want to please themselves with quality healthy food. The elegant and minimal packaging is proof of the importance you put in your choices.

​​​​​​​Team work

PHILIPPOS HELLENIC GOODS quest for quality has successfully led into receiving numerous awards for quality for its Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The commitment to communicate the value and attention to accommodate the customer, has put PHILIPPOS HELLENIC GOODS on top, as the first of the 20 best Greek products based on packaging, label, Innovation and general image. It was a team effort made by the PHILIPPOS HELLENIC GOODS team in collaboration with the Greek artist Miltos Skouras, who despite his artistic commitments and a major exhibition being held in Thessaloniki, has granted us an interview to elaborate how the concept aesthetics underlying the PHILIPPOS products imposes itself as an artistic possibility of representing the land, nature, quality.