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When quality is a fact

July 5th at 12:00am

Philippos Hellenic Goods received two important international recognitions by winning the gold medal for PHILIPPOS DELICATE at Best Olive Oils competition (New York International Olive Oil Competition 2015) and the gold medal for PHILIPPOS ORGANIC at the Olive Japan competition 2015 (Olive Oil Sommelier Association of Japan). Philippos rightfully acquired top recognition in two different parts of the planet, the United States and Japan. A winning journey for two products that originate in the heart of the Mediterranean and promote the value of the Greek product par excellence around the world!

These awards demonstrate the commitment of the company founded in 2013 in Aegina,a picturesque island in the Aegean sea, where the entrepreneur Philippe Poli and his staff work daily to offer the market top quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These awards also serve as proof to the consumer of the PHILIPPOS top quality.

What does Extra Virgin olive oil quality mean?

Quality means taste and health. Quality requires skill and attention in every detail at every moment. From cultivation to delivery. Here are some of the essential requirements, to get the best results:

  1. The oil must be obtained from olives cultivated with natural methods, harvested at the right degree of ripeness directly from the tree; the varieties of olives, the soil, the climate, the weather ,all are key ingredients.
  2. The pressing should occur in a timely manner to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and toxic substances that harm the flavor and nutritional properties;
  3. The fruit must be mechanically pressed at low temperature with respect to the traditional methods; this is the requisite for obtaining Extra Virgin;
  4. The mill where the olives are pressed must be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure hygienic conditions necessary for the integrity of the product;
  5. Oil conservation until bottling and sale must meet very strict criteria: proper temperature,avoiding oxygen exposure, suitable materials;
  6. Regular checkups are required for the maintenance of all culinary and nutritional characteristics of the oil. With Philippos Hellenic Goods there is all that. There is rigour and close attention at all times. All phases of the process of preparation and storage must point to the same direction: excellence. This is the added value of PHILIPPOS oils.

With Philippos Hellenic Goods there is all that. There is rigour and close attention at all times. All phases of the process of preparation and storage must point to the same direction: excellence. This is the added value of PHILIPPOS oils. 

Taste and health: these are consumer choices by Philippos oils

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made up of essentially monounsaturated fatty acids, concretely contributes to the control of cholesterol and blood pressure. It also plays an active role in the prevention of many diseases; mainly: obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes Many otherprecious elements, such as the valuable polyphenols, through their biological activities contribute substantially to the maintenance of good health. Thanks to its extraordinary quality, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil gives to your meals a distinctive taste and character. Blends perfectly with the flavor of many foods, enhances the taste of others, turns the simplest food to an excquisite delicious dish.

Philippos does it

The only way to achieve this excellence, is for the oil to maintain its aroma,taste and biological characteristics.The Extra Virgin Olive Oil that reaches your kitchen and your table, with all its qualities intact,demonstrates its true value. Philippos does it. Olive oil is a complex and delicate food. If treated with love and respect, it offers its unique gift of taste and quality. Philippos knows this. Extra Virgin Philippos lovers, love confirmation. A commitment to continually improve, is constant. The awards obtained in New York and Tokyo added to optimism and demonstrate the proof and confirmation that this is the right road.

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