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Three keys to Long life and Happiness

December 14th at 12:00am

Social Lifestyle Activities

An important part of any successful diet for health and longevity is to develop a number of social lifestyle activities. The EVOO and healthful ingredients will not give you the maximum benefit unless you add a daily social, physical activity. Jogging, walking, or bicycling with friends, or competitive activities like tennis or football, are better than individual exercises done alone or in the gym. Exercising in a socially engaged environment is a very important aspect of an overall healthy lifestyle.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a Part of a Healthy Diet

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is best consumed as part of a healthy diet. Hellenic diet is the original Mediterranean diet. In its essence Hellenic diet is the ancient Athenian diet. The Athenians chose the ingredients very carefully for their nutritional value. They ate specific foods in order to maximize their health and physical fitness. Today it would be called the poor people`s diet. The Athenians did not choose these ingredients because they could not afford anything else. They were rich and they could have chosen to eat anything they wanted.

The Hellenic diet is rich in vegetables, olive oil, greens, sprouted grains like barley and spelt, nuts, olives and sprouted beans, with a serving of chicken, meat, and fish once or twice a week. Yogurt, cheese wine, and fruit to be consumed in moderation. Herbs and EVOO are daily ingredients used in every meal. This is the essence of a healthy diet; using the most health promoting ingredients. EVOO as a part of a healthy diet leads to weight loss that is sustainable and enjoyable.

Enjoyable healthy choice

Many consumers are beginning to use EVOO every day. They do so because they have come to realize it is the most enjoyable healthy choice. They are drawn to the variety of unique tastes and unique flavor characteristics of each extra virgin olive oil. They are inspired to prepare delicious meals or simply pour it over their salad or bread. Others are inspired by its many health benefits. “Two teaspoons a day keeps the doctor away.”

Taste profile of EVOO is very complex. EVOO is essentially the juice from the fruit of the olive tree. The taste characteristics are formed based on the type of olive tree and when the olives are harvested. The greener the fruit, the more bitter and pungent the EVOO. As the olive fruit matures, it acquires a more balanced taste and aroma.

EVOO is best combined with a good quality balsamic vinegar for dipping accompanied by table olives. In the past, bread made from spelt and barley was used for this purpose. Nowadays, it can be a snack or part of a small appetizer:  before a meal it tends to lessen the feeling of hunger. This helps to regulate how fast we eat and helps eat less.

Another traditional Mediterranean custom is to slow down how fast we eat by engaging in conversation at the dinner table. Hard to eat fast if you are engaged in joyful conversation with friends or family. Eating less and enjoying it more is a the aim of any healthy diet plan, especially if your goal is to lose weight.

Extra-excellent Source of Energy

Olive oil, due to its high monounsaturated fat content, is an extra-excellent source of energy and helps in maintaining your ideal weight. Extra virgin olive oil consumed on a regular basis can be an effective way to:“Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food” today is your day to take the first step towards a longer healthier and happier lifestyle. Taste the real Hellenic EVOO today and take advantage of this readily available health promoting superfood that is the foundation of the Hellenic diet.

Taste the Philippos Hellenic Goods high-quality extra virgin olive oils, and see for yourself why Hellenic stands for Health.

Order Philippos Hellenic EVOO and take the first step to a more healthy and joyful lifestyle


Study on fat intake and the damage excessive saturated fat does to your health:    

Cognitive function is improved by monounsaturated fat intake from olive oil:

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