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Immerse yourself

August 12th at 12:00am

This is Limeni, a glimpse of a village in Mani peninsula between Messenia and Laconia in Peloponnese. It is a remote place of wild untouched nature, where the past is still present in the stone castles  sprawled out in the hills. What distinguishes this region, is the harmony of human intervention blending with the landscape, which is evident in the style of the new and renovated buildings.

Meet the elements

Visiting this place you experience the rare feeling of finis terrae. It is where the land ends immersing into the sea. You become the silent observer of the overwhelming presence of nature. Surrender, immerse, be part of it and know you will emerge anew. You feel the energy. The unknown, triggering the desire to discover.
The next moment is a more realistic one. The intense turquoise blue, inviting a refreshing plunge with the expectation of savouring a meal at the waterfront tavernas. This summer it wasn't easy for many of us to actually enjoy a visit to places we had planned to be. I have already mentioned nostalgia and its power to activate feelings and emotions. Now I'm talking about the actual sensations of your body meeting the elements.

The next best thing to being there

Philippos has put together a variety of products with you in mind. When you receive your package at home you feel the power it has to take you back to a waterfront tav​​​​​​​erna immersed in the aromas and flavours of a Greek summer. 

​​​​​​​Philippe Poli 
Philippe Hellenic Goods founder​​​​​​​