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Why oil quality is not an option

November 10th at 12:00am

Temperature, light, oxygen are the real enemies. An Extra Virgin Olive Oil excellent at pressing time, will quickly lose a large part of its qualities if not treated promptly and properly. Precisely because it is a totally natural food, its characteristics evolve rapidly over time at the risk of a drastic loss of quality. And that's exactly where the problem lies.

Our problem, which is also your problem

Precious for a healthy body, the natural components of Extra Virgin Olive Oil give it its identity taste and the ability fuse with food without overpowering it.
Here is how: any oil rich in polyphenols is precious for our health, but upon tasting it, it proves slightly pungent if not a bit 'bitter, which is surely proof of the presence of polyphenols.
It comes as no surprise to discover that when you pour this oil on a salad or even a more delicate food such as sea bass, the pungency and the bitterness disappear. If the oil is a high in quality Extra Virgin, its flavour blends with the flavour of the dish, enriching it even more.

The unpleasant experience of bad oil

Everybody has probably already tasted foods destroyed by an oil so strong that it dominates and extinguishes all others taste. This could explain why many people don't like olive oil. When an oil is no longer fresh or has defects, its taste kills the other flavours. That makes the oil not only bad but also it is not healthy because all the properties that make it almost a medicinal remedy are lost.

Quality: a task for those who produce, a right for those who consume

Keeping the qualities intact for a long period of time is important to us as. Our goal is to offer a product reflecting our initial values – that you can read here. It is important for our customers who desire a good healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Also, maintaining the qualities for a long time is a rather difficult. We put our daily efforts into it, but we need technology to do the rest.

How do we do it? Product selection and personal care

We select the oil that at the time of pressure possesses the Extra Virgin standards, and we continue to ensure that the standards are maintained over time.
This is how.
Each stage of the process is monitored with care and professional accuracy:
  • hygiene of all facilities
  • optimal storage conditions: maintaining a regular temperature of 18°, "sealing" of the tanks with nitrogen to avoid contact with oxygen, no exposure to light
  • regular checks on acidity and sensory analysis
  • filtration and bottling only before delivery.
Our commitment is costly and constant but we are rewarded by the satisfied customer, who after having tasted it comes back again and again.