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Spicy Green Olives

Spicy Green Olives

CHF 4,90

Spicy Green Olives in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Main features:
  • large size 
  • green 
  • mild flavor 
  • crunchy texture
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About Green olives 

In Greece, green olives commonly consumed as table olives, belong to the Conservolia variety and take different names, like Amfisis, Volou or Agriniou, depending on the production regions. Their drastic colour changing at different stages of ripening is what distinguishes their flavour. When they are harvested in an early stage, they have a light green hue.

About Philippos Spicy Green Olives

Prepared with olives coming from the west coast of Greece, Aitoloacharnania.
Seasoned with spices and aromatic herbs in a perfect combination with the sweet flavor and crisp texture of the olives: a burst of a mouthwatering experience.
We offer different packages:
  • Small: 250g
  • Large: 500g
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